CGD Podcast with Rajesh Mirchandani
International development experts share their ideas on how wealthy countries can promote prosperity in developing countries.

Viral videos, crowdsourced donations, digital cash transfers for refugees—what opportunities do digital technologies present for development, and how can those of us working on policy innovation make better use of them? Mobile phones were a good start, Devex's Raj Kumar says, but we could be doing a lot more.


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The Trump administration's signature policy proposal to control immigration more tightly has been the most contentious issue of the early days of this presidency. In this podcast we seek to add some facts to the debate. Joining me are two CGD experts who have written recently about the Trump immigration order from slightly different perspectives. 

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Meet Masood Ahmed, CGD’s new president. On his first CGD Podcast, Ahmed shares some of the development lessons he's learned in his 35-year career, and suggests ways for the development community to move forward in a new era of nationalism. 

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The scale of the turnout at the Women’s Marches across the world recently, along with President Trump’s early reinstatement of a ban on US funding for organizations that offer family planning services in foreign countries, seem to suggest an administration already at odds with an entire gender. On this week’s podcast, three CGD senior fellows weigh in on the evidence that engaging and empowering women—both at home and overseas—makes good sense, especially in an America-First strategy.

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Kudos to Finland for ascending to the top spot in CGD’s 2016 Commitment to Development Index, our ranking of how a country’s policies help or hinder development. Most of the policies that score well on the index require some sort of international cooperation—so what does the CDI tell us about the apparent retreat of globalism across the political landscape? I discuss the latest rankings, their implications, and the politics that could affect them with Owen Barder, senior fellow and director of CGD Europe, which produces the Index. 

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OPIC and CDC are among the largest bilateral development finance institutions (DFIs). They are designed to use their funds to attract more private capital into developing markets through, for example, lending or insuring projects against political risk. CEOs Elizabeth Littlefield and Diana Noble discuss why the DFIs' business model is successful and how their institutions can do more. 

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In our last podcast of the year, we look back at some of the major development conversations of 2016. Tune in to hear from two former presidents, a few major organization heads—and, of course, several CGD experts.

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As turbulent 2016 draws to a close and 2017 rolls into view, political thinking in some major economies is turning inward. In her last podcast as CGD President, Nancy Birdsall reflects on what’s changed in development over the past 15 years, and what she hopes development folks will think about in the near future. 

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Preventing dangerous climate change is critical for promoting global development, and saving tropical forests is essential to doing both. CGD senior fellow Frances Seymour, coauthor of a new CGD book, explains why forests are key not only to meeting the objectives of the Paris climate agreement, but also to making progress on the sustainable development goals.

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Today's podcast brings you highlights of an excellent discussion at CGD's offices in London which involved, among others, CGD’s Owen Barder. The discussion was organized and broadcast by BBC Radio and focused on the UK’s aid budget, including attempts to make aid more transparent, ways to tackle corruption, and how to think of international development in a political landscape where major countries seem to be turning inward.

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