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Apr 26, 2016

It has operations in more than 30 countries worth around $9 billion. And now the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is searching for its next leader. This week's podcast puts the same questions to both candidates for easy comparison.

Apr 18, 2016

The world's top aid donors committed to transparency. Who's delivered, and who still has a long way to go? Publish What You Fund CEO Rupert Simons shares the results of the 2016 Aid Transparency Index and discusses what needs to happen next in the data revolution. 

Apr 11, 2016

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala served as Finance Minister of Nigeria from 2011 to 2015, and as Foreign Affairs Minister before that – the first woman to hold either of those positions. This week she visits the CGD Podcast to discuss her recent essay, "Six Questions African Policymakers Must Answer Now."

Apr 4, 2016

"Millions Saved" rigorously evaluates 22 programs from Haiti to Botswana, Peru to Pakistan, in order to understand what works in global health and why. Coauthor Amanda Glassman visits the CGD Podcast to share some of the book's cases and takeaways.