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International development experts share their ideas on how wealthy countries can promote prosperity in developing countries. Follow at

Feb 25, 2014

What role can biometrics play in aiding development? My guest this week, senior fellow Alan Gelb, explains why new biometric identification technologies may be the key to radically expanding the social, political, and commercial opportunities for people in the developing world. Biometrics, he says, make it possible to...

Feb 19, 2014

Peace is breaking out on Capitol Hill? Can it be true? My guests this week, Tom Hart, the US executive director of the ONE Campaign, and Todd Moss, chief operating officer and senior fellow at CGD, discuss why President Obama’s Power Africa initiative and the complementary Royce-Engel bill have the potential to not...

Feb 10, 2014

Development progress has traditionally been measured in terms of reductions in poverty and increases

in per capita GDP, that is, average income as calculated by dividing total income by the total population. 

My guests on this week’s Global Prosperity Wonkcast, Nancy Birdsall and Christian Meyer, 

argue that median...