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Apr 25, 2011

The United States has committed $1.5 billion per year over five years in an effort to support development in Pakistan, a fragile, nuclear-armed state of almost 190 million people that is in the frontline of the struggle against Islamic extremism. So, how’s that working out?

I have two guests on the show this week, senior policy analyst Molly Kinder and research and communications assistant Wren Elhai. Molly and Wren have been working closely with CGD president Nancy Birdsall to make sense of the U.S. development strategy in Pakistan and to suggest ways that it could be more effective.  After more than a year of Washington-based study and consultations, the three of them recently visited Pakistan to get feedback on their draft recommendations ahead of the release of their final report (for background on the project and a series of open letters, see here).

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